What I'm doing now?

I am always involved in more than one idea, project, adventure or challenge both personally and professionally. And therefore, I have the feeling that 24 hours a day is not enough. But I like the feeling of arriving at night and falling exhausted, with the impression of having taken advantage of every second of the day.

Last Update: December 2020.

  • Now living in: Valencia (España)
  • Developing a precision agriculture platform for Stratolloon
  • Improving this blog with ReactJS + Next.js (front-end) and Sanity (headless CMS)
  • Starting a smartphone recommender, my new side-project
  • Deeping my knowledge on full-stack web development with ReactJS, Node.js & MongoDB
  • Starting learning microservices architectures for my projects
  • Developing and automating statistical and machine learning algorithms for satellite data processing
  • Learning to meditate (something that is costing me a lot)
  • Reading: Zero to One by Peter Thiel