About Me

I design products and launch projects that involve web development, digital contents, data processing and 3D design.

Hey, I'm Alex. I am a developer, entrepreneur, and blogger living in Valencia (Spain). I'm currently working as a full-stack developer at Stratolloon and Compra Smartphone, two projects in which I am a co-founder. I'm passionate about software development, personal growth & sports.

Here you can read what I'm doing now.

About Me

I studied Industrial Engineering with a specialization in product design. When I was young I dreamed of the idea of being an engineer in Formula 1, but I soon discovered that what I like is building products (both physical and digital).

After finishing my studies, I worked for two years at Schneider Electric. I carried out multiple Industry 4.0 projects, most of them related to implementing 3D printing solutions, the Internet of Things, or Business Intelligence in factories.

During that time I started with an idea to develop flight systems that would allow research in the stratosphere. With that project, I went to Silicon Valley and, in 2019, my co-founder Jorge Sancho and I founded a startup where we built high-altitude drones. Months later we pivoted to what is now Stratolloon, a SaaS product to improve decision making using satellite data.

Since 2020 I have also been the co-founder of Compra Smartphone along with my colleagues and friends from Topes de Gama. Together we have launched a recommendation platform for smartphones and consumer electronics. We analyze devices, track the prices of online stores, and allow thousands of users to buy with truthful data and information.

In 2012 I started writing content on the Internet. I was a writer and manager on a tech newspaper, and later I launched several blogs on entrepreneurship, online marketing, and even engineering. I went from hating writing to discovering that I need to express and share my ideas on the Internet.

And that is why I write in this blog. Here you can read about entrepreneurship and how I launch my projects, about my life's philosophy, and, of course, about everything I learn along my journey.